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Serving PreSchool-Aged Children of Our Tioga Community

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Rise & Shine is an early childhood ministry program to meet the burgeoning needs of young families in our church and community. We're here to lay first building blocks of faith, and it is our hope and prayer that your child will grow in their faith, expand their love of learning, make new friends, express their creativity, and have fun!

Group A:  Monday-Tuesday 9:00am-Noon 
Group B:  Wednesday-Thursday 9:00am-Noon

Fridays / afternoons may be used to make up missed days due to inclement weather, teacher illness, etc.

Kari Skalicky Early Childhood

Kari Skalicky - Early Childhood Ministry Coordinator

Meet Kari, our vibrant and enthusiastic Early Childhood Ministry Coordinator! With a passion for nurturing young children and fostering their creativity, Kari fosters an environment filled with laughter, learning, and love. Kari cares about creating a safe and stimulating atmosphere to ensure that every child feels cherished and ready to explore the wonders of the Bible and their world.

"If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God." -D.L. Moody

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the goals for students? Some goals of our program are weekly Bible story and memory verse, letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and social/emotional skills.

  • How does Zion handle placement? Slots are being held available for Zion families on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact us as any remaining slots will be offered to families outside our church family.

  • How much is tuition? Tuition will be $200/month to be paid on the first day of class for that month. September and December will be $100/month as their will only be 2 weeks of class. Of course, tuition rates are subject to change in the future due to rising costs.

  • Are there any fees? There will be an $85 registration/curriculum fee due at the time of registration.

  • When and where do students meet? We meet from 9am until 12 noon in the Pre-K classroom and nursery near the entrance of the church. This is a secure and comfortable space for our program.

  • How many learning groups are there? There are two groups of students meeting. One meets Mondays/Tuesdays and the other meets Wednesdays/Thursdays. 

  • Are there make up days for weather and circumstances requiring cancellation? Fridays and afternoons may be used to make up any missed days due to inclement weather, teacher illness, or a morning funeral in our church. We appreciate your understanding!

  • What supplies do parents need to provide? We ask that you provide the following items: Pencils, markers, crayons, watercolor paint, child safe scissors, glue sticks (x4), glue bottle (x2), bingo daubers, dot stickers, notebook, folder, clear shoebox sized tote, and a daily snack!

  • How do I register my child? For registration information and forms, please contact Kari or the church office.

  • Are there any options for financial assistance? At this time, we are keeping tuition as low as we can for everyone. We will be regularly reassessing our program in light of needs in our community. 

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