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We Worship Jesus

Free to Serve

Serving Jesus through music and worship is an important part of Christian life and growth. We are ALWAYS looking for opportunities to include new people in our music and worship ministry.

Opportunities to Serve

  • Piano accompanists for services 

  • Vocalists & instrumentalists for Sundays

  • Singers for the Zion Choir

  • Sunday school kids choir programs

  • RISE youth vesper services

  • Community outreach music ministry

  • Volunteer sound technicians

  • Volunteer graphics and video support

  • Special music and ensembles

  • Testimonies and Scripture readers

How We Worship at Zion

Reverence & Joy

We worship with both reverence and joy because God is both perfectly holy and graciously merciful. Each worship service is meant to be a journey to the cross to respond to His grace. Every journey will be different, and each service will call us to a place of sorrow for humanity and raise us to a place of delight in Jesus Christ. 

Old & New

We use both old and new elements within the worship service because God is not bound by time. You'll sing old and ancient hymns, spiritually rich favorites from previous decades, and new songs of worship that you might have never heard before. Through all of this, the truth of God's Word remains at the center.

Hearing & Responding

We proclaim a message that is focused on Christ’s finished work and reflects our uncompromising stance on Scripture. You will hear God's Word at the center of our preaching and worship as a church. Every worshiper is called to be changed and respond to the truth of God's Word!

Worship Principles

Everything we do in worship responds to the grace of Jesus Christ in a biblical way. Our framework for Sunday services centers on Christ and moves through a biblical journey to the cross. This pattern for praise and worship is about receiving and responding to God's grace- delivery of the forgiveness of sins by grace through faith in Jesus.

CCW Invocation & Call

Invocation & Call

Inviting the presence of the God of grace and calling upon Him in worship

CCW Adoration & Exaltation

Adoration & Exaltation

Recognizing  and declaring God's greatness and grace

CCW Confession & Repentance

Confession & Repentance

Acknowledging our sin and need for grace

CCW Forgiveness & Assurance

Forgiveness & Assurance

Receiving forgiveness and affirming God's provision of grace

CCW Praise & Thanksgiving

Praise & Thanksgiving

Expressing praise and thanks for God's grace

CCW Tithes & Offerings

Tithes & Offerings

Giving willingly to God out of response to His goodness and grace

CCW Petition & Intercession

Petition & Intercession

Praying and expressing dependence on God's grace for all things

CCW Proclaiming & Hearing

Proclaiming & Hearing

Declaring and receiving God's grace and truth to grow as disciples of Jesus

CCW Sacraments & Fellowship

Sacraments & Fellowship

Receiving the grace of union with Christ and celebrating the unity of his people

CCW Blessing & Sending

Blessing & Sending

Sending out to live for Christ in the light of God's beneficent grace

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