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Zion Women's Ministry

We believe in building relationships rooted in love and faith. Our women’s ministry is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment for our members to come together and grow in their faith.

We focus on bible study, prayer, and service to our community. We are committed to creating a supportive network of women who can share their experiences and support one another. Whether you’re looking for a place to grow spiritually, build relationships, or just meet new people, Zion is here for you.


Women's Bible Study Circles

Meets the Second Thursday of each month

Circles are our women's Bible studies facilitated by the WMF. Each circle meets monthly for a time of hospitality, prayer, Bible study, and encouragement. Each circle also works toward completion of special service and mission projects.

Women's Missionary Federation

Meets the Second Thursday of each month

The Women's Missionary Federation (WMF) serves to further love in the kingdom of God, unite the women in the work of missions and Christian education, and to locally support and organize missionary activity. Each month, the WMF meets to further work on their annual project goals. 


Women's Fellowship 

Throughout the year, we encourage the women of our church to connect, serve, and grow closer together in our church community. Sign up for alerts for upcoming events and opportunities. 

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